Where’s your light?

golden mirror

golden mirror

The night is yawning and your mind is running away
searching for a night shelter, has a story to say.

Wet gravels and heavy raindrops on tiles
hanging bold shadows and stale tricky smiles.

Iron curtains are melting away
darkness is now becoming your occasional pray.

Where’s your light?

You singe the relics of your pathetic desires
you run into the woods and you light up your fires.

You enflame the thoughts of your frantic mind
you get lost inside the labyrinth of your beating heart.

You set off the mines in your abandoned land
you feel small explosions of relief and blood.

You evacuate your poisonous nest
you move your dignity away from the rest.

You pick your way out of the handcuffs of your screams
you find yourself into the abyss of your dreams.

Your defeat is now perching under the veil of the night
your spirit is now becoming a marionette of the light.

Where’s your light?

You are the sharp- eyed detector of pure lust
you are the exploitable tender of your past.

Your failing acrobatics across the trembling light stream
are dragging back the shadows that will bury your beam.

Where’s your light?

The night is once again the smuggler of your shiniest dreams
and you are once more the stowaway searching for the light within their streams.

Where’s your light?

Blaze the night, shine tonight
find your light, once again.


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