skeptical figures

sceptical figures

I met people with beautiful and ugly faces,

people coming from all sorts of places

I met people with big mouths and sealed souls

And people with the talent to multiply their roles

I met people with iron fists made of childhood fears

And people panoplied with coward ears

I met people who wanted to run away

And people who searched and found their way

I met people with dreams that knocked them out

And people with lies that bailed them out

I met people drowned in their boggy land

And people lost in their paradise yard

I met people with crazy mothers alive

And people with wise fathers buried in land

I met people with naked hearts crying from cold

And people with warm eyes that remained unsold

I met people empty of desire

And people jealous of what they admire

I met people with bad lovers that failed them

And people whose selfishness trained them

I met people with guts and determination

And people whose shelter became their handicapped nation

I met people who would judge before they knew

And people who would question and go through

I met people I never understood

No matter if I did all I could

I met people I loved no matter what I said

And people I wish I would had never met

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