fragmented idols

scheming enigmas

Their thoughts like symplegades of fear and lust

clashing with each other for the pain to last

And their wide- open eyes with no sight

reluctant to see their light

And their squeezed fists with no dare

unable to fight for all they share

And their lungs high as the sky, blue

with no window to fly through

And their lips zipped with a threat

bleeding from cowardice and regret

And their hearts like cenotaphs of neglected desires

burying passions with their fires

And their brains like melting pots

boiling curses and evil plots

And their veins like rotten roots

fresh- cut grass downtrodden by iron boots

And their mind hacked by a ranger

spreading viruses of danger

And their souls like fireworks of despair

empty graves with no air

And their mouths like hurricanes of spit

twisting words with shit

And their faces like the mirrors of hell

hiding all that they could tell

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