Urban shots from the east

LatviaLatviaabandoned houseRussiawoodlandmusty windows
grislyunfinisheddisclosed heartsspiteful sheltermusic crazebabbling van
industrial wastelandstrange colour bluelazy planmouldy facademonstrous growthgarbage thoughts
early shadowsthe black manwood and spiritTallinnbackyardbefore the storm

Crispy shadows, casual snowflakes, mouldy facades. Beauty in decay, urban life in motion, architectural patterns in abstraction. Greetings from the east!


8 thoughts on “Urban shots from the east

  1. What country is this? I get a strong European vibe.
    Your light is great. Are you aware of Urban Exploration
    Resource? UER. The site contains a database of great
    locations most of which no longer exist.

    There are very few postings from outside North
    America and Asia – (Asia has lots of abandoned theme
    parks) If you join the site and add your pictures – they
    could get a lot of attention from other explorers.

    Note – it can be hard to protect your copyright when
    using flicker –

  2. Hey there rastelly, nice to read your dynamic comments on my work. This material has been gathered in the Baltics, South Caucasus and Northern Eurasia. More specifically; Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia, it makes sense it gives you a sensation of Eurasian vibes.

    Many thanks for sharing info on UER, i’ve come across them in the past. They gather some extraordinary material, i gotta have a deeper look on their concept. I also appreciate your kind comment on copyright on flickr, i might give it a thought in the future but for the moment i am still building my online photo gallery so there is a lot of initiative to be taken.

    Cheers again for the interaction and hope you liked what you saw! Stay in touch.

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