Sail away

 white-winged ship

white-winged dreams

Flapping waves of consciousness inside my head

This perpetual wandering will never end

Seagulls digging their beaks deep inside the sand

The memories I buried are still mad

Swarms of swallows knitting patterns in the sky

Ignorance and innocence entwined inside a lie

Crawling lizards biting my brain

My lungs are rotting under the pouring rain

Voices of insanity kidnapping my dreams

Rusty handcuffs securing my sins

Thorns of wildflowers scratching my desire

Bleeding lust and evil fire

Lilliputian stars dancing on my eyelashes

My smile cracks and my face blushes

Bruised memories left aside

Shrunken idols stand by my side

My heart is running across the coast

Abandoned by love is now lost

Black sky and white moon

My eyes will close soon

Real soon


2 thoughts on “Sail away

  1. Eyes closed, darkness is all I can see
    My smile is dancing with the light of the sea

    Colourful shells is all I can think
    The deeper I dive the sooner I sink

    Eyes closed, danger is all I can feel
    My mind is hunting for memories to kill

    Poisonous nets is all I can recall
    The higher I climb the harder I fall

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