Solidarity action against violence in Ukraine

DSC_1321Yesterday, 21 February, young people from 8 different countries organized actions around Tbilisi to condemn the violence in Ukraine and show solidarity to all the people who defend freedom and human rights sometimes with the price of their own life. With this action the youth leaders expressed their sympathy and sorrow for a great number of human losses.

Early afternoon time, a flash mob with more than 50 people transforming the Tryzub, the national symbol of Ukraine, to the Peace Symbol using their bodies took place at Rike Park. After that at 18:30 all protesters met at the ex-Parliament building and made a video with all the people that want to send a support message to Ukrainians.

DSC_1323The initiative came from the participants of European Union project on how to use games in work with young people “Treasure of Games”. The action included youth workers from Ukraine, Slovenia, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, and Georgia. Hearing the news of violence, the participants were not willing to stay indifferent while their friends and people in Ukraine have to deal with hostile situations.


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