Youth without boarders: Creative writing and photography workshops at IDP settlements

Tbilisi Sea School IDP settlement

Tbilisi Sea School IDP settlement

The rest of my project plans for the following months are related to the Youth without boarders project in the framework of which I will be preparing creative writing and photography workshops in three different IDP settlements in and around Tbilisi (Skra, Shaumiani and Tbilisi Sea school). Workshops will focus on creative writing and photography as tools for self- discovery, expression and sharing with others. The main goal of the workshops will be to make the connection between speech and image as means of self- representation and self- expression.

The main aim will be to give participants the opportunity to realize, imagine, create and share using two different interlinked tools (image and speech) while creating their own personal photo story linked to their daily life and future expectations.

After brief introductions and examples on the topics of creative writing and photography, the participants will be divided in groups and will be asked to make their own photos using digital cameras that will be distributed to them. They will then present their photos explaining the stories behind their pictures, first in oral and then in written language.

An exhibition of combined photo- work and narrative (personal photo stories) will be the final result of this workshop. As a result, the participants will increase their self- confidence, will experiment on different topics and share their visions with others. Preparation process has already started and I am looking forward to visiting the settlements for starting with the implementation of activities, hopefully from April and on!


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