A bridge between Georgia and France: The Tbilisi Sea School and Château Des Échelles intercultural exchange project

It started as an idea for intercultural exchange and collaboration based on informal learning. Together with Alice we decided to initiate a youth project between Georgia and France aiming at establishing connections between youth in the fields of culture, learning and social reality of the two countries on the West and East corners of Europe.

This was a five weeks project between the french community centre, Château Des Échelles in Ambérieu-en-Bugey, France and Youth Association DRONI in Tbilisi , Georgia aiming at linking socio-cultural realities between Georgia and France for alternative education purposes.

In the framework of this project, children created videos of self-representation that they were shared with their fellows on the other side, completed parts of a map collage focusing on the two countries’ traditions and cultural life aiming at completing a journey from the one side of the map to the other with small ‘’stops of knowledge’’ in the between.

Children were also photographed and as a follow-up exchanged their photos with their fellows abroad in order to make a collective collage of self-portraits by mixing up characteristics whilst practicing artistic skills. The making of postcards for exchange of thoughts and messages between children as well as the rotating cadavers activity of drawings of figures by multiple children at a time mixing up characteristics and faces as well as origami and comics activities were also in the framework of this project.

All sessions aimed at making the link between the two countries even stronger. On May 1 we all participated in the concluding session of the project on youth exchange between France and Georgia sharing a presentation with the children as a result of their own efforts and successful results. You can find the presentation video here:  http://bit.ly/1lUlrh5


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