Urbex at Tapioca Farm

Abandoned farmhouse since 1995 lies in decay somewhere in Belgium. A dilapidated exterior which compensates with an interior in better condition. Many furniture and objects left behind building up the atmosphere from the past!

Secret journey on the Orient Express

Had a tour of this lost gem on my birthday! Orient Express; another abandoned ghost train, all rusty and decayed situated on an active rail site where a lot of trains pass by. Some magnificent details of decay on wood and fabric. Haunting corridors revealing the mystery of another time!

Urbex at Terre Rouge

This abandoned steel factory was opened in 1872 and expanded during the 1910s. In the 1950s there was less demand for steel and in 1977 they completely stopped production. The also abandoned power station- Central Thermique was used for domestic electricity powered by the toxic gases of the steel manufacturing blast furnaces that surrounded it. This vast industrial site is a must see in the heart of Luxembourg, parts of it might soon be demolished.

Urbex at Maison Kirsch

A traditional Luxembourg residency in decay definitely for a while now as it has been abandoned since the late ’60s. Maison Kirsch; its name comes from the volume of kirsch (cherry brandy) that the owners were making. Spacious chambers, interesting small objects and a magically warm atmosphere made this spot a great visit!

Stalin’s Dacha in Abkhazia

Abkhazia, a subtropical paradise, was once so popular among the Soviet establishment that it was dubbed The Soviet Riviera. Fifteen kilometers from a city called Gagra, in a pine forest in the Gagra Ridge slope, stands one of Josef Stalin’s five Abkhazian residencies: a dacha on the Cold River. Hidden among tall pines and fir-trees and painted green, it is almost invisible from the air, from the earth, and from the sea. Such conspiracy is a tribute to the Stalin’s paranoia. There is only one way to get here, and that is by a mountain road that winds through the thick forest. It is interesting that Stalin would never say exactly which of the five Abkhazian dachas he was going to stay; so all five of them would be prepared for his stay.