Leftovers of moments

running plots

running plots

She loves photos; not only taking them but also making them. Making the link between body and mind, exploring the influence of space and time. On people. So many layers; an ignorant look, a timeless smile, a heavy tear, a quick pace, a daily race, a random fear.

She thinks there are no bad photos but only negative emotions jumping out of feeling- bad situations. She also thinks that these situations result from bad- lived lives. Sometimes she photographs those lives in order to dig behind their images and play with their meanings. Meanings coming from inner occurrences. Inner occurrences interacting with outer factors. Outer factors shaping instant images. Instant images becoming the connectors between appearance and perception.

Appearance and perception broken into pieces. Pieces that come together filling in the gaps of the puzzle. A puzzle full of untold secrets. Secrets whispering unfinished truths. Truths partially revealing one’s mystery. A mystery giving way to one’s imagination. An imagination retouching the portrait of one’s memory. A memory guarding the leftovers of moments one lived and they passed.

Moments one can still touch by looking back at the photos he owes today, remains of himself coming back from that day. Is it a truth or a mere representation? It is the reconstruction of past and present relation.