Lonesome drifter

black-dressed feelings

I do not know where i belong, i do not know what i did wrong

I am just a lonesome drifter

I turn off the streetlights and i go to bed

I wake up from the crying voices of the sun

I grind my knifes, traffic light is red

I kill my fabricated fears and i run

I ignore the echoes of the days i missed

I sink into the concrete of my mind

I jump and hide myself inside the mist

I stab all the shadows i can find

I lift my ghosts up in the empty sky

I smell the breath of despair

I ask myself why

I guide myself where

I tumble like a barrel down the hill

I put my consciousness in a wheelchair

I feed my handicapped spirit that is still ill

I swallow my voice and i scream this is not fair

I smell the misery leaking from the walls

I hear the cracking of the window panes

I eavesdrop the minds of the evil dolls

I exorcise past memories and pains

I listen to the sound of the bleeding iron rods

I sit on the black velvet armchair

I touch the flesh of the legendary gods

I close my eyes and i do not care

I do not know what i feel, i do not know what is real

I am just a lonesome drifter