Urbex at Maison Kirsch

A traditional Luxembourg residency in decay definitely for a while now as it has been abandoned since the late ’60s. Maison Kirsch; its name comes from the volume of kirsch (cherry brandy) that the owners were making. Spacious chambers, interesting small objects and a magically warm atmosphere made this spot a great visit!


Stalin’s Dacha in Abkhazia

Abkhazia, a subtropical paradise, was once so popular among the Soviet establishment that it was dubbed The Soviet Riviera. Fifteen kilometers from a city called Gagra, in a pine forest in the Gagra Ridge slope, stands one of Josef Stalin’s five Abkhazian residencies: a dacha on the Cold River. Hidden among tall pines and fir-trees and painted green, it is almost invisible from the air, from the earth, and from the sea. Such conspiracy is a tribute to the Stalin’s paranoia. There is only one way to get here, and that is by a mountain road that winds through the thick forest. It is interesting that Stalin would never say exactly which of the five Abkhazian dachas he was going to stay; so all five of them would be prepared for his stay.