Urbex at Tapioca Farm

Abandoned farmhouse since 1995 lies in decay somewhere in Belgium. A dilapidated exterior which compensates with an interior in better condition. Many furniture and objects left behind building up the atmosphere from the past!

Secret journey on the Orient Express

Had a tour of this lost gem on my birthday! Orient Express; another abandoned ghost train, all rusty and decayed situated on an active rail site where a lot of trains pass by. Some magnificent details of decay on wood and fabric. Haunting corridors revealing the mystery of another time!

Urban exploration at Manoir DP

Uninhabited farmhouse in an amazing condition. Untouched, full of vivid details; pastel colours and vintage antiques. Some incredible compositions and a mysteriously nice atmosphere spread all over its rooms and stairways. Very pleasant feelings related to this exploration, definitely an interesting place to visit. The bedroom and living room were undoubtedly my two favourites.