Lonesome drifter

black-dressed feelings

I do not know where i belong, i do not know what i did wrong

I am just a lonesome drifter

I turn off the streetlights and i go to bed

I wake up from the crying voices of the sun

I grind my knifes, traffic light is red

I kill my fabricated fears and i run

I ignore the echoes of the days i missed

I sink into the concrete of my mind

I jump and hide myself inside the mist

I stab all the shadows i can find

I lift my ghosts up in the empty sky

I smell the breath of despair

I ask myself why

I guide myself where

I tumble like a barrel down the hill

I put my consciousness in a wheelchair

I feed my handicapped spirit that is still ill

I swallow my voice and i scream this is not fair

I smell the misery leaking from the walls

I hear the cracking of the window panes

I eavesdrop the minds of the evil dolls

I exorcise past memories and pains

I listen to the sound of the bleeding iron rods

I sit on the black velvet armchair

I touch the flesh of the legendary gods

I close my eyes and i do not care

I do not know what i feel, i do not know what is real

I am just a lonesome drifter

Sail away

 white-winged ship

white-winged dreams

Flapping waves of consciousness inside my head

This perpetual wandering will never end

Seagulls digging their beaks deep inside the sand

The memories I buried are still mad

Swarms of swallows knitting patterns in the sky

Ignorance and innocence entwined inside a lie

Crawling lizards biting my brain

My lungs are rotting under the pouring rain

Voices of insanity kidnapping my dreams

Rusty handcuffs securing my sins

Thorns of wildflowers scratching my desire

Bleeding lust and evil fire

Lilliputian stars dancing on my eyelashes

My smile cracks and my face blushes

Bruised memories left aside

Shrunken idols stand by my side

My heart is running across the coast

Abandoned by love is now lost

Black sky and white moon

My eyes will close soon

Real soon

Lonesome happiness

wasted bliss

wasted bliss

One- eyed thoughts barefoot in the wastelands of your mind

Lance- shaped ignorance foretelling you are blind

Locked fears in the prisons of your enslaved brain

Wet eyelashes singing in the muddy rain

Elephant trunks carrying you across the water

Pine needles injecting you with poisonous laughter

Dethroned pride incubating shame

Bleeding flesh raped by dissonant fame

Tree fingers subjugating your mystic kiss

Swallowed hook by an impatient fish

Dark waters mirroring your cheap mask

Sweet wind mourning your barbed past

Echoes of cursed voices undressing your heart

Lonesome happiness is all that you can bark


skeptical figures

sceptical figures

I met people with beautiful and ugly faces,

people coming from all sorts of places

I met people with big mouths and sealed souls

And people with the talent to multiply their roles

I met people with iron fists made of childhood fears

And people panoplied with coward ears

I met people who wanted to run away

And people who searched and found their way

I met people with dreams that knocked them out

And people with lies that bailed them out

I met people drowned in their boggy land

And people lost in their paradise yard

I met people with crazy mothers alive

And people with wise fathers buried in land

I met people with naked hearts crying from cold

And people with warm eyes that remained unsold

I met people empty of desire

And people jealous of what they admire

I met people with bad lovers that failed them

And people whose selfishness trained them

I met people with guts and determination

And people whose shelter became their handicapped nation

I met people who would judge before they knew

And people who would question and go through

I met people I never understood

No matter if I did all I could

I met people I loved no matter what I said

And people I wish I would had never met